JET 9 Carbon coming in Tamale Red!!!

I do like red!!!.

I am up early this morning cruising the web and noticed that the JET 9 carbon frame - which has been available in moondust grey up to this point - is now up on the Niner website as also coming in tamale red.   Yum.

Looks nice and vibrant...


I am hoping that an update of the JET 9 alloy appears on their site soon as well, but who knows?   The gear I have works, so I'm not really in need of a replacement at this point.  It's always fun to be looking to see what is available. 

Yesterday was a two a day scheduled workout which included 75 minutes of tempo during the lunch hour with about 9 minutes of sweet spot intervals thrown into the mix and the evening was a hypertrophy session of squats.  I wasn't sure the legs would perform the evening session, but was pleasantly surprised they were fine and dandy.  Then we were off to the annual Cabaret dinner theater put on by the IHS Show Choir which was enjoyable.

Our new scale informs me that I am down to 188.6 this morning!!!!  I probably ought to start cutting my intake a bit more from the winter hibernation indulgence, but if I can manage a pound a week after this initial drop until I hit my goal, I'll be pleased.

I'll meet up with Al Boone today at Lake Ahquabi after work for some laps on the dirt as Ma Nature has set up 2, if not 3 consecutive days (Friday/Saturday/Sunday) where conditions seem ideal to ride outside since it will be mid 20's to low 30's.  Training wise, I was shooting for 60-90 minutes of tempo today, so the riding outside will be a nice change of pace and include plenty of climbing to test my legs following all the squats.

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