It's not last year.....!!!

Weather wise, that is.  Last year, the final week in December and the first week in January were nice and warm which gave me the opportunity to do about 9 hours per week outside on the bike for base building each of those weeks.  Not so this year with the snow and ice not having been cleared off the trails and temperatures being so cool things have not melted.  In fact, a year ago today was 65 degrees and I did a 2+ hour ride in my bike shorts and short sleeve jersey on a very busy trail.

That was an unusual winter with this year being more the norm in terms of temperatures once the blizzard hit two weeks ago and spoiled all of my singletrack fall/early winter riding.  Although I enjoyed last year's opportunity to put in a huge base thanks to the multi-hour outdoor bike rides, I am doing my off season plan this year more like previous years - indoors.  On the trainer downstairs, with the periodized weight training on the days off the bike.  I'm at 5:05 on the bike this week with 2 more training days to go, so I should end up around 7 hours for the 1st week of January compared to 9 last year of outside base building.  But I am also compensating by doing some intensity and of course - the weights.

I am trying to avoid this...


This off season, which began December 1st for me, I am following a 16 week well thought plan that includes intensity,  days of recovery rides, days of weight lifting, more recovery, more intensity, etc... - all designed for a 50+ age mountain bike rider who races XC races.  It's a bit different plan than I have used in past years, so I am anxious to see how it all turns out and am enjoying the change of pace.  Actually, it is more organized and targets weaknesses I needed to address.

I finish this section of the periodized weight training tomorrow:

Adaptation Grab

I was unable to lift weights after my crash in April, 2012.  And my body really needed help as posture on the bike and posture off the bike suffered due to the neck muscles being so weak I couldn't hold things up in place like they needed to be.  Now that my neck and shoulder have healed - I can do all of my usual weights and the past month of lifting has really boosted everything that needed to be boosted after 8 months off of the weights.  I am feeling better than I have in well over a year as a result.

Alexa is at the state debate tournament today and tomorrow.  Zack is there judging.  Tara is at an all-day conference in Johnston.  So I am puttering around the house until I drive up to meet everyone for dinner around 6 tonight.

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