Doping Cyclists - and others.....

Michael Rasmussen is "coming out of the doping closet" so to speak today.  Linkie-poo here and here is the admission.

Even his mountain bike career was tainted?  You mean to tell me the muscles pictured below were not fueling his prowess on the bike? I mean, just look at how ripped he is....  ;-)


So what else is new?  Another day, another doper caught or comes "clean" with a confession or admission. 

Football players dope?  Really? Wink, wink.  Media decided to drag out the old Ray Lewis story this week.  Does anybody really think the field is going to be filled with NFL players this Sunday that along the way to their multi-million $ salaries have not done something along the way to boost their performance that would fall under the category of using a PED?  Maybe we are all skeptical at this point - and rightly so.

Baseball players dope?  Really?  Wink, wink.  New scandal promising to be the next "Balco like" case involving a doctor in Florida and such notables as Alex Rodriguez emerged this week in the news.  Gee, maybe those 3 HR's as the DH against the Kansas City Royals that my son and I saw a couple of years ago wasn't as "real" as Babe Ruth's was.

Long-drive golf competitors juicing to boost their drives in competition?  Say it isn't so.  Wink, wink.

Track stars, hockey players, long distsance runners, swimmers, wrestlers, weight lifters, tennis players, cyclists, skiers, and on and on doping.  Wink, wink.

Obviously the problem is far reaching for those athletes using PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs).

I don't have anything profound to add to the discussion - just noting the week's news thus far.


I know my non-PED enhanced amateur riding is pretty pathetic and unexciting in comparison.  I did 70 minutes on Tuesday and 65 minutes on Wednesday on the trainer indoors.  Even at the prescribed R&R week intensity level (endurance at a lower level around 135-145 watts), my old body feels like even that bit of effort has me on the edge of being pooped.  It's between 4 and 8 degrees today for a high and I am pooped from the workout of shoveling snow yesterday and today as well.  I think I will take today off the bike outside of the dog walks and a bit of a warm-up this evening before doing my weekly weight lifting session.

Now on to my own personal PED's - baby aspirin, coffee, vitamin C, fish oil and cookies.  Yum.

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