Doped up Chicks!!!

I did an afternoon slow smoke on the Big Green Egg yesterday to take advantage of temperatures in the 50's.  We called our friend Lisa and told her I would be doing a smoke as she was interested in us letting her know so she could bring something over as well.  So she brought a bird over to throw on the smoker and I told her to come back at 5'ish to pick it up.

I purchased one chicken on sale at $1.29 a pound which was a typical hen that Hy-Vee or any other grocery chain sells.  The other, was a "Smart Chicken" which is an organic hen.  Much more expensive per pound and I wish it were the other way around, but c'est la vie.

The meat was falling off the bone at 4 hours...


All in good fun with regard to doped up cyclists and athletes throughout the globe, here's what I posted last night on social media...


What's for dinner? 

Two smoking chicks!!! 


On the left, we have Athlete A. She was fed hormones, injected with steroids, was one of the first to the feeding trough every day on the farm as she bullied and pushed her way to eat herself to nearly 5 pounds. Not many farmyard chicks liked her as she was aggressive, defiant and controlled the farm yard. She sells for about $1.29 per pound. 

On the right, we have Athlete B. She was raised organically and is a "clean" athlete. Although she was friendly and popular in the farmyard, she was no match for the likes of the Athlete A types and always ended up being one of the last to the feed trough - no matter how hungry she was or how hard she tried to get in for a peck. Interestingly, she is expensive and sells for $2.49 a pound even though there was no cost for high priced hormones and steroids to raise her to her skinny little 3.2 pounds. She occupies minimal shelf space at the store, so it's clear that few want her on their team. Although she is a "safe" choice, she only makes up about 5% of all the athlete chicks.


Goofy, but I was just having fun.

We used fresh spinach (the large leaf variety you can buy in bundles at Fareway), did up some bacon and made Alton Brown's bacon dressing, boiled some eggs and had beautiful smoked chicken and bacon spinach salad for dinner.  I guess it is a poultry weekend for sure with all the chicken I have been preparing (but it was all on sale).

 January training continues to unfold well!!!

In the first 3 weeks of January, I've managed to shed 6 pounds and weighed in at sub 190 for the first time this year (189.x).  About 9 more pounds to go to hit my target racing weight.  I'll take 185, but if I can dial it down to 180 all the better.  The weight lifting will help as even though I might put on a bit of muscle weight, it will improve my caloric burn. 

Tara and I also used the warm temperatures to get a well deserved outside ride in yesterday to Carlisle and back.  It was warm, but the wind was strong and a challenge at times.  My legs were feeling great and Tara showed some weakness early on, so I knew we were going to have to separate if I was going to get the training effect I needed.   We rode together to Carlisle in the low end of Zone 2 for me.  At one point, 2 does and a buck were running alongside of us on the west side of the trail.   Majestically, they leaped over the fence and crossed in front of us and leaped over the fence on the other side of the trail as we stopped to take in their majestic grace.  You have to enjoy those moments like that when you can because they don't happen that often.

At the Carlisle turn around and heading back south directly into the wind, I told her I had 55 minutes to get home to get the chicken off the smoker.  She told me to go ahead and I cranked out tempo all the way home up the hill against the wind in a pretty powerful gear to bring my ride in right at 2 hours for the day.  Those 55 minutes "felt" like I was pushing close to 185 watts the entire time which was enough to keep me from blowing up, but also enough to provide extra training stress for me as I come to the end of my training week.  I rolled in feeling pretty good with the exercise endorphin induced high kicking in full tilt.  I took the birds off the grill, called Lisa to tell her hers was ready and packed it up in a Tupperware container.  Tara got home about 15 minutes later and was bushed from fighting the wind.   All in all, it was worth the ride outside today as we knew temperatures would be dropping into the teens on Sunday.

In spite of the cold, I bundled up in the ski suit and headed out to Lake Ahquabi for a full lap at a low Zone 2 pace on the RIP 9 at lunch time on Sunday.  It was snowing while I was there and it became hard to distinguish the slick spots from the old blizzard snow left over from the new fluff covering the ground.  I motored on at a slower pace to be safe.  I was baked - I mean really baked by the end of it as my legs are pretty stressed from yesterday and the build up during the week.  I ended the week with my target of 6 hours on the bike (plus two weight lifting sessions) and have 4.8% more on the bike time at this point over last year.  I had a goal of 2 hours outside on Friday afternoon, but my body and mind said take the day off when I got home from work and I did want to focus on preparing Tara's birthday dinner which trumped any training time.  

My goal is for 10% more annual hours this year over last year.  In addition, they have to be quality and focused hours based on a schedule I've developed.  So I have to keep on track weekly and monthly to do that.  I will be able to make up the remaining 5.2% missing gap this week easily as I only did 1:50 on the bike in week 4 last year due to being so busy with the opera.  If I get 4 hours and 20 minutes in this week (should not be a problem on the trainer in the basement), I'll be right at 10% growth of annual hours in 2013 over 2012 and be back on target year over year.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had some big hours in January last year because of all the outside warm weather riding I was able to do.  I have not been able to match that this year in spite of 4 outdoor rides (3 of them being to Carlisle and back, the other at Ahquabi).

The rest of the afternoon and evening will be devoted to the NFL with 2 exciting playoff games.


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