Digging out the Bar Mitts!!!

Another day, another 4 degrees outside.  Well, I did buy the Bar Mitts last year so it is time to dig them out and mount them up.  I do believe they will allow me to remain comfortable on some weekend longer durations out on the bike in the cold.

My Bar Mitts are still in the package from last year....


Many even claim you can go bare handed or wear some light gloves underneath and be nice and toasty!!


The above image is borrowed from here and his review is very encouraging that I am going to like these critters on my bike to protect my hands.

I'm going with the wool socks and throwing some warmers in the shoes (got tons of them from skiing).  Everything else seems to stay warm enough with all the gear I have, but taking care of the hands and the feet should help.

I had a very nice visit with my college roommate Jay Sweet and his wife Renae yesterday.  They stopped by Simpson College in the afternoon to watch their son Brandon play in a JV Basketball game (he plays for Central College).  I joined them over at the game after work and then we went to La Casa for dinner after the game to catch up before they drove home to Clarinda.  I hadn't seen them since June of 2010 and we had plenty of catching up to do.  My bad, I had not yet read their Christmas Letter!!!!   So I was behind the times on all the news they had to share.  I did - believe it or not - go home after our visit and read all the Christmas letters from various people that I had not yet read.  There was about a stack of two dozen to catch up on and I actually read them all.  Tara has been on my case for weeks to do that, but - well, I don't have a good excuse.   I am now caught up though....

Tonight we will attend the annual Indianola High School Show Choir Cabaret dinner and performance.  Brisket, cheesy potatoes, green beans, salad, dessert - the usual fare will be served.  I'll try and get the workout for the day squeezed in during my lunch hour today as I'll need it after the mexican fare I ate last night - that's for sure!!!!

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