Here we are in the middle of the 4th week of January and Mother Nature is reminding us that it is, after all, winter.


Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were cold.  I managed to at least figure out a way to survive the morning and evening dog walk/rides with the howling frigid wind.  The weak point was my hands.   Even in the huge and expensive mittens that I got last year, my hands were getting cold after 5 minutes.  We have not seen temperatures this low since 2011, so these gloves were not tested yet in such cold.  I decided to wear a pair of thinner gloves inside of the mittens and that has allowed me to survive the 20 minute dog jaunts in the sub zero wind chill temperatures.  How that would do if I went for a longer ride on pavement in these temperatures, I don't know.  I would have to figure out what to do with my feet (warmers or something).  Forget that.  I'm sticking to the trainer in the basement until this weekend when the temperatures may climb back up in the 20's and 30's which would allow me to hit up some frozen dirt.

Monday was a day off of the bike and weights for me and I had exactly 45 hours of recovery between Sunday's ride at Ahquabi and Tuesday morning's 75 minute tempo session before work.  The legs felt really good and I hit the trainer session feeling good and ended it feeling good.  Interesting that by noon I was feeling lethargic, but I had a short night's sleep and combined with the effort on the trainer - I was zapped.  I had a cup of coffee around 1:45 to perk up and made it through the afternoon.  We went over to Chuck and Gayla Tighe's for dinner (lamb, polenta, salad, oatmeal cookies, ice cream = yum).  I may be fighting off a cold or a bug on top of it all which might explain the lethargic feeling.

Today, I'll do a lower Zone 2 heart rate and wattage ride this morning before heading to work.  Busy day at work today with our first voice class of the semester, lessons, meetings and in addition my old college roommate and his wife will be on campus to watch their son - who is a freshmen at Central College - play in a JV gave against Simpson.  I'll head over to the gym after work and watch the game with them while we visit and catch up.

It's supposed to climb up to 29 today from -1 early morning temperature.  I'm heading out with the dogs now in 11 degree weather with my double glove/mitten combination.

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