Annual Training Hours Set for 2013...

It's nice to formulate an annual plan, follow it, digest it, review it to then see how the plan went when it comes to cycling.  I am paying more attention these days after I started really keeping track on my computer last year and using this blog as a journal for my cycling endeavors.  My racing season, for the most part, was a success in 2012.  My goal is to bump it up a slight bit this year.  All within reason and with realistic expectations.

How to do that?  Well, by reviewing the data.

Data is in and I have totaled up the hours for the 2012 training year.  My total hours on the bike for 2012 were 355:55.  That was an increase from the 2011 hours by a bit over 10%.  Most things I have read with regard to increasing annual training hours say to only increase by 10% year over year, so that is what I am sticking to for my 2013 planned training hours.  A 10% increase.

The 10% increase will raise me from 355:55 hours in 2012 to 392 hours in 2013.  If I round that up to 400 hours (which I am doing), I am then on par with the chart on page 91 of Joe Friel's The Mountain Biker's Training Bible that says for somebody of my age with 6+ years of racing experience should be training 400 hours and above.  It's taken me this long to climb to this level, but I feel I am ready for the additional hours to take me to 400. 


And that represents only 4.5% of all the hours available in my life during 2013.  So I feel it is reasonable and realistic without causing instability in my life and work.  I wrote a blog entry on the Simpson College Music Department's new blog in December about how musicians can make a choice to include a portion of their day to stay healthy.  If interested, the blog post can be found here.  Like that blog post suggests, I am making the choice to keep my mind and body healthy again in 2013 and that will involve 4.5% of the hours in the year to accomplish.  Not a bad time commitment in my estimation.

Compared to other things I do in my life....

I'll sleep 33% of the year.
I'll be at work at Simpson 13% of the year during the 2 semesters (non May Term years).
I'll be doing food prep, cooking, clean up 4.2% of the year.
I'll watch David Letterman 3% of the year.
I'll be walking the dogs 2% of the year.

So it doesn't seem too out of line that 4.5% will be devoted to sitting on a bike and pedaling.

Where am I for the 2013 year right now?

I know that I am currently in what one calls the base period of my annual plan.  I can't develop the entire annual plan yet.  Why?  Because I don't have dates yet for all of the cross country races that I will be doing to be able to set goals based on Priority A, B, C races.  Once I get all of that information from the Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin series I can plug it all into the annual plan.  Outside of the usual XC series races, I've got interest in racing the Bone Bender in Lawerence, Kansas this year as well as having another go at the Dakota Five-0 in South Dakota.

Week one of 2013 is now in the bag with 7:25 hours of base on the bike, plus 2 days of weight lifting.  It is supposed to be in the 40's all week long, so perhaps that will melt what needs to be melted so I can hit the paved bike trail for some long miles before or after work.  If not, I'm doing fine on the C7i in the basement.

School starts tomorrow, so the routine will quickly adjust back to work mode.

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