21 degrees and wind chill didn't stop me...

I woke up to sunny skies and very cool temperatures (as was forecast).  Friday's warmth and humidity made for everything being wet outside.  As expected, the cool temperatures dried the pavement and sure made a ride outside seem alluring to me.

After all, I stocked up last year on warm weather gear...


I debated on what to do as I enjoyed my Saturday morning eggs, bacon, yogurt and coffee.   I took the dogs for the morning walk and noted the ground was frozen solid and it wasn't too terribly cold outside.   I got the itch around 10:30 and got suited up to ride the JET 9 down to Banner Pits to see if the ground was frozen enough for a spin.  I know I was due for a recovery ride on the trainer in the basement according to plan, but yesterday's outside ride tempted me to do it again.  If anything, just to get some longer time in the saddle for the sake of endurance.

Warm socks, warm shoes, warm gloves, warm head covering, and face protection are the key elements to survive a cold ride.  Although the thermometer claimed it was 21 degrees out there, the windchill made it really nippy.  My water bottle started freezing 30 minutes into the ride, so I knew it was chilly.  Once I arrived at Banner, I immediately saw that there was too much snow on the trail and the snow there was looked as if it was glazed ice.  So I decided to pedal on to Carlisle with my iPod in full roar providing a cadence for my grind.  I wasn't recovered from Friday's ride, so I kept pace in check.  It was one of those rides that felt like the wind was against me no matter what direction I was riding.  And it was!!!  I got a few stares as I was the lone rider through Indianola, on the trail and in Carlisle on such a cold day.

I can attest to the volume alone of this week's training was providing plenty of stress to my body.  With the two loops at Banner on the pavement, the trip to Carlisle and the dog walk/ride, I put in 2 1/2 hours out in that cold stuff.  I arrived back home and was too frozen to even undress.  I flopped on the bed and my yellow lab Max immediately started licking me and "taking care of me".  Eventually, I got undressed and hit the hot shower to revive my blood flow in the extremities.  After that, hot beef/vegetable soup, pretzels and a beer to set me up for a mini-nap.

Then it was a lazy afternoon and evening of watching football.  Might be the same routine today after I spend some time learning more of Bloch's Sacred Service music...

It's only 9 degrees this morning - so we'll see.  

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