Thus endeth the semester...

Ah, today is one of the 14 palendri-cal phenomenon dates in our lifetime.  The same number date has been fun to watch, but after today is over, we'll have to wait a long time to see the next triple.

So here is the final one to enjoy:


This week is finals week at Simpson as we wrap up the fall semester of 2012.  My non-music class - The Holocaust:  Hate, Guilt, Reconciliation - that I taught this fall had their final examination yesterday between 1-3 p.m. in our normal classroom.   I provided Godiva truffles as a semester end treat.

We managed to pose for a picture as we wrapped up the class...


It was a rewarding experience as I now, as an educator, have joined the ranks of those passing on the history of the terrible atrocities committed by the Nazi Regime (and others) during the Holocaust.  Although the students felt our class was very comprehensive and in depth, their learning has only just begun.  I was very encouraged by their research papers as they each chose a different subject related to the Holocaust to dive into and study.

It's been a hectic pace of grading papers and now tests the past 4 days.  The next 2 days will continue that craze and most of my voice students have their final exams today and tomorrow.  That means voice juries and recital auditions.  I will record those with the digital recorder to upload to Dropbox so all the students can view them.

I took the last two days off from any exercise as Monday is my normal day off, but yesterday was too busy with final exams, voice juries, recital auditions, grading papers, etc... to work in some time on the bike.  Plus, my body felt like it needed an extra day of recovery from the weight lifting on Sunday.  In other words, I picked a bad day to eat three Godiva truffles (pretty much a total of 630 or so calories for those alone) and a cookie my daughter made in the evening.

The call came yesterday from the repair shop concerning the damage to Zack's Element.  The estimate is for over $4000 to repair it and will take 7 business days.  We're out the $500 deductible, but State Farm will cover the rest.

Hmmmmm.....$500 is not exactly chump change, so time to dive into the emergency savings fund.

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