The New Karate Monkey has landed....

I've been enjoying singlespeeding enough this fall to warrant an upgrade to the latest Surly Karate Monkey frame - in size gargantuan, of course.  So I had Sterling at Rasmussen's order a new frame for me last week.

The main benefits of the new frame (besides my beloved black color choice for the frame) are the longer head tube, the wider clearance in the rear between the chainstays for running a true 2.4" tire, and the relocated rear disc brake mounts which allows one to install and remove the rear wheel without having to loosen the caliper mounting bolts like the original frame required.  Those three things combined were enough to push me over the top and update my 10 year old original Karate Monkey frame.

I swapped everything over from the Campstove Green Karate Monkey to the Stretchpants Black frame yesterday and went for a ride out at Lake Ahquabi to get it all dirty.  ;-]  While doing the build, I swapped out the rear 2.25 Racing Ralph for a 2.4 Racing Ralph and I put a different pair of pedals on that I had in the parts bin. The third "different" item was the bottom bracket.  I noticed the Race Face ISIS BB pulled apart when I took it out of the shell.  I couldn't get it pressed back together, but I had a Crank Brothers 113mm spindle length BB in the parts bin that came to the rescue (and is lighter).  So there's an upgrade down under as well as the pedals.

Here's the new Karate Monkey....


And flipped...


The bikes is pure fun to ride and the singlespeed is sort of fun for me - mainly as a change of pace during the fall/winter riding.  Gear inches for my SS is currently 52.94 which allows me to make and grunt up all climbs, but I spin out on flats.  I could drop to a 15T rear sprocket to get 56.47 gear inches, but for now - it is what it is.  Works at Ahquabi, Banner, and my neighborhood dog walks.  I do have a Rotor Q Ring 34T SS ring that I would love to try with an 18T in the rear (55.17 gear inches), but that would involve moving a crankset from another bike (or purchasing a used set).  Someday...because I would love to have the Rotor ring on the climbs because I really like the Q Rings on my JET 9 for climbing.

I've put the Campstove Green frame up for sale at MTBR.com with a $150 price in hopes it will sell.


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