SS with Suspension!

Tinkering continues as I wanted to try the Singlespeed (SS) with a suspension fork.  Although the Surly Karate Monkey comes with a suspension corrected 80mm rigid fork, the HT angle is 72 which allows a bit of latitude to slacken it out and still retain good turning qualities.  The 100mm fork slackens it to a hair over 71 degrees and I actually prefer it.

The added benefit of front suspension is certainly welcomed by me.  The rigid fork is okay on the pavement and gravel, but once I get off road the work required to utilize the legs and arms to be the suspension of a rigid bike is not my favorite type of riding.  I did a lap at Lake Ahquabi with the rigid fork, followed by a lap with the suspension fork and think the suspension is the ticket to enjoy this bike and get the training benefits of SS.

I could get away with the fork and no spacers on the 2012 XL Karate Monkey frame thanks to the 20mm longer head tube.  Where as on this 2003 frame and the 105mm head tube, the 20mm spacer stack plus the extra 20mm of the 100mm fork (20mm over the rigid fork that is), gets the bars up to a much better height.  Maybe even 5mm or so too high.

P1010001 2
And flipped...

P1010002 3
No time for riding today, although my legs are itching for some effort.  Work prevents it though and a concert to attend tonight...

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