Last rides before snow storm #1 hit...

Talk about getting soft.  The news has been telegraphing a "major snow storm" for days now and reminding all of us to stock up on groceries, remember how to slow down and drive in the stuff, and on and on ad nauseum about snow plows, grading, blah, blah, blah, blah. 

Hey, haven't we all been through a few hundred snow storms before in our lives?  The way they make it sound this is some rare event.

Funny thing is - we did all of the things they suggested like good little lemmings.  I got the snowblower ready, put all the summer things away for the winter, went to the grocery store, got gas, got goodies for tomorrow's breakfast, and prepared for the big storm.  Well....it's here.  Started snowing about 2 hours ago while I was up in Des Moines rehearsing for a funeral I am singing at (provided the snow gets cleared).  Funeral on Friday as well that Tara and I are both singing for in the afternoon.

I front end loaded my riding week this week to get some hours in before the snow hit.  I did 90 minutes on the road on Monday, 90 minutes at Lake Ahquabi yesterday on the new Karate Monkey, and 60 minutes today at Banner Pits on the KM.

Here's the new Karate Monkey before hitting 2 laps at Ahquabi yesterday...


Grass is still green on December 18th, 2012 and the riding has been fun all fall.


Banner Pits was sloppy today and I really shouldn't have been riding it, but my tires were not sinking in as the freeze/thaw mud was slickery, but not a total bust.  There were 3 of us turning laps out there this morning, but I packed it in early to rest my legs and head up to Des Moines.   And sure enough, while driving home things got slick and I just about missed a corner (with all wheel drive, no less).

Time will tell how much snow actually dumps, but predictions are for 5-12", 30-45 mph winds, visibility of 1/4 mile or less.  Should make for some nice drifts and blizzard conditions with that wind.

Looks like the dog walk will be in the snow starting tomorrow and I know they are ready for it.  Winds won't die down until about noon tomorrow, so I might be reluctant to head out in the morning with gusts of 45 mph on a bike!!!!  I hope things are dug out early enough that I can get the van into the shop so the cruise control can be fixed.   The part came in today, but Zack had run off with the van to Des Moines to go ice skating not knowing it had a 1 p.m. appointment with the auto mechanic.   Hopefully I can get it fixed tomorrow - or Friday.

Hatches are battened down.  Fireplace is roaring.  Pizza is in the oven.  Let it snow...

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