Grading Day!!!

How does a college professor write a test and what do they expect?

•Most college professors write tests to be challenging for all class participants. They don’t expect anyone to score 100%.

•A typical “expected” and desired outcome is that the median score will be 70%. This means a few will get A’s, a few will get F’s, but the median will bunch around the middle.

•Grade inflation does not and should not exist at the college/university level.

The above is what I show my class around Mid-Term for the examination at Mid-Term.  And true to form, my final test was written in "the old college way" so that the results were as follows...

Curve with the built in 1 from 101 to 100

The chart above actually includes an adjustment of 1 for a curve as I threw out one of the 101 questions due to everyone missing it on the exam.  I'm toying with a bit of an additional curve, but I prefer to use a curve for the entire semester grading rather than an individual test or assignment.

Ah...back to grading...so I can get things turned in by the due date of grades on Tuesday. 

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