Blizzard Knocked Us Out for 16-17 Hours...

Power is back on.  Phone, internet, television are all back on after getting knocked out early this morning.  Fire place kept us warm all day along with shoveling our way out of the snow and ice dump.  We even got some time in working out in the gym to keep warm.  Did a lot of reading and the kids played Monopoly and did a jigsaw puzzle.  I finally walked the dogs at 5:30 pm after the wind died down from 50 mph to more like 25-30 mph.

10:25 pm things all came back on like nothing had every happened.  I knew I should have purchased that high priced generator system back in 2010 after the tornado and I was contemplating having a backup system available in case we lost power like that again from a storm!!!!

The house is nice and warm again - just in time as it is 16 outside and dropping to 2 degrees tonight. 

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