And so it ends, 2012...and so it begins, 2013...

For the most part, I can actually say "What a great year this has been!!!"

Our holiday season includes the obvious wedding anniversary amidst a barrage of events (Thanksgiving, end of the semester, Hanukkah, Christmas, Birthdays, New Year's), but it was nice to find time for a quiet, romantic evening last night for husband and wife.   To gear up for the food, we hit the exercise bikes and weights in the basement for a pre-dinner workout.  I've got one more session to do on Wednesday of the adaptation phase, but yesterday included more weight - so I'm feeling it today.

Tara and I went to Fleming's Steakhouse last night and splurged on some nice prime cuts of meat.  The bill was $243 before tip, so as I said - it was a splurge we don't do at that price very often for obvious reasons (not to mention we can cook just as well if not better for a lot less $$$).  But it was a night out which we always enjoy.  Tara had the Prime Rib and I had the bone in Rib-Eye steak.  Trimmings included salad, asparagus, cheesy hash browns, bread, carrot cake (unbelievable cake!), coffee, cocktails, and wine.  I had requested a romantic table and we had the perfect spot and waiter to make our evening quite enjoyable.

We got home to a house full of friends visiting our kids who were all home from college and they were all enjoying themselves until the wee hours of the morning.  Luckily, they were enjoying themselves loudly in the basement so we could retire inconspicuously for our anniversary....

We'll celebrate the New Year here at home tonight and we already watched some of the celebration on television from the portion of the globe that is already in 2013.  I was thinking about smoking a turkey on the Green Egg tomorrow, but we might go skiing up at Boone instead.

It's here in a few hours...

As we turn the calendar year forward another year, we reflect and remember all of the wonderful life that we experienced throughout the calendar year now known as the past - 2012.  And things launch right in full speed ahead for 2013.  The 2nd Semester, Tara's 55th birthday, base training for 12 weeks, a trip to Vegas, a trip to Germany in March, a trip to Austria in the summer, the bike racing season, a trip to South Dakota for the Dakota Five-O, camping trips, a new garden, staining the deck, singing and of course the fiscal cliff!!!

All the best to you and yours for a wonderful 2013!!!!

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