23rd Wedding Anniversary!!!

I've already embarrassed my wife on Facebook posting for all to see that she is the love of my life and that we were married 23 years ago in Lafayette, California.  I even caught her in a smile recently and added to her embarrassment by posting this as well...


We do have romantic dinner plans scheduled for this evening (I'm not going to even hint to her and tell her where by posting it here or talking about it all day).  We had a nice walk together this morning in the snow after cooking up a protein filled breakfast.  We thought about a nice long walk around Lake Ahquabi in the snow with the dogs, but this crunchy and deep snow is not exactly easy to walk in wearing regular hiking boots and the dogs lumber through it - especially the drifts.  So we will skip that without having the proper gear and the dogs being the age they are.

We kicked off the anniversary celebration last night with her making roasted potatoes, and I made sautéed zucchini and baked Italian chicken breasts while we watched Raging Bull.

Now, to the basement with Tara for recovery rides and weights!!!   Here's to 23 more years... 

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