Thumbs up at my annual heart check up!!!

Many weeks ago, I made an appointment online for my annual heart examination.  Somehow, when entering the date and time in my Outlook Express calendar, I guess I got it wrong.  I made the appointment and had it down as 8:30 am on Thursday morning of this week.  I drove up on Tuesday to have the blood work done so the results would be available for my appointment.

I made the 20+ mile drive Thursday morning, walked into the Iowa Heart Clinic to stand in line at the usual station I've been to for several years to check in for my appointment.  Finally, after it was my turn in line, the receptionist told me that my doctor's station had changed to the other side of the clinic.  So I went to that station and got in line.  I told the receptionist I was embarrassed for not knowing Dr. Rough had moved to the other side of the building.  She looked my name up and told me I would be even more embarrassed to know that my appointment was for Friday at 8, not Thursday at 8:30.   Hmmmmm......that seemed really odd considered I entered it directly into my Outlook as I made the appointment online, but it was what it was.  So back home I went after a brief stop at Caribou Coffee for a cup of the black stuff.

I got it right yesterday and checked in on time.  This being my 3rd trip of the week up to West Des Moines I was getting used to the "commute".  In spite of my annual fall foray into a few pints of Ben & Jerry's, my weight was good with me weighing in with a BMI of 23.1 (with my shoes and clothes on no less), blood pressure was perfect, EKG was perfect, cholesterol levels were perfect and I had nothing to report in terms of any bad symptoms.  The doctor decided there was no need for the treadmill this year since I did it last year and sent me on my way until this time next year.

On the other hand, I do have another issue to take care of that cropped up this week.  I've got a tooth that is feeling ultra sensitive these days (I've felt it off and on all year).  Recently, I think it has finally developed into the need to have a cavity filled.  I'll make the call on Monday in hopes Al can get me in sooner, rather than later.  Maybe the Ben & Jerry's of late has set it off....

Music News

I'm singing with the orchestra tomorrow night on their fall concert.  So I better dust off the tails and get the shirt ironed today.  

Tara and I sang at a special Adoption Shabbat Serivce last night in honor of National Adoption Day.  It was a very lovely service and three families shared their successful adoption stories.   Following the service, 4 of us rushed over to the Fleur Theater to catch the 7:50 showing of Lincoln.  Big Movie and Spielberg nailed it.  I highly recommend it to all both for the historical value and the performances.

Looks like I am headed to Germany for a week in the spring.  More on that later...

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