November fall temperatures look good...

The rest of November looks very nice with traditional fall temperatures and thus begins the freeze/thaw cycle of the dirt.  We have had enough rain in the past month that this will most likely result in the ground being tacky during the thaw and hard as a rock when frozen.

Here's what is on tap from today until December...

November 2012

I should be able to get some nice fall riding in provided my schedule subsides a bit.  Rehearsal tonight, performances in Des Moines on Friday and in Indianola on Sunday of this week.  Two of my morning regular exercise periods before work are shot this week as I have my annual blood lab work tomorrow and my annual heart examination on Thursday morning - so it looks like I need to charge up the lights to ride after work if I want to ride outside.

That being said - it was frigid this morning on the neighborhood ride with the dogs thanks to 22 degrees and gusting winds out of the west.  I wasn't as bundled up as I could have been.

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