Happy Veteran's Day 2012!!

Happy Veterans Day to all who have served our country.  Especially to my father and my father-in-law who served in the Korean War and WWII respectively.

I am reminded on a daily basis this semester teaching a class about WWII and the Holocaust of the lives of soldiers that were lost and the sacrifices by many that were made.  And for that matter, any war we have been involved in over the years.


Tara and I attended The Beggar's Opera on Friday and Saturday evening at Simpson College.  I was very pleased with the students performances of both casts.  Zack sang Mr. Peachum last night and did a fine job.  We kibitzed at home last night after the show for a few hours.


Temperatures were in the upper 70's yesterday, so Tara and I logged a 2 1/2 hour bike ride that involved a ride to Carlisle and back with a stopover for me to do a loop at Banner Pits.  After the previous week of logging piddly hours of only 2 1/2 and hitting the Ben & Jerry's, cookies and eating like I was going into hibernation - the increase to 5 hours this week was a welcome relief for my body to burn the calories.  I'd like to say I will maintain that and a little more going forward to not do my traditional weight gain this fall - but we'll see.  My eating discipline the past two weeks has been very bipolaresque for lack of a better word.  One day sticking to a correct caloric intake and nutrition to not gain weight, and the next throwing caution to the wind and eating sweats, 2nds and being a general glutton.  I think I need to rein it in on the majority of days if I am not going to get the hours on the bike I need to burn the calories.  Luckily, if the weather turns outside - I've got the gym in the basement calling me...


A storm came through during the evening which has brought with it a day or two of cooler temperatures before we head back up into the 50's and sunshine for the rest of the week starting Tuesday.  The grass is nice and green, our garden is dug up for the winter, the flower beds are dug up and prepared for winter, the lawn is mowed, the leaves have been removed and believe it or not - Thanksgiving is just around the corner.


I'll be singing with the new Simpson College Orchestra next Sunday evening at their 1st Concert.  Tonight is the final dress rehearsal.  Madrigal Dinner is coming up and Zack is in Madrigals - so we are looking forward to that.  The 1st semester is winding down as I only have 10 more class periods in the Holocaust class to cover the remaining material.  Being the first time teaching it, I believe I have included way too many things in the syllabus to accomplish by the end of the semester.  I will give some options to the class tomorrow on what gets cut out and what they want to cover of the remaining material.  They have 3 more papers due including their major research paper which they began researching on November 2nd.

I think I will sneak away with Alexa this afternoon to see the new James Bond movie....


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