Gym Time!!

Thanks to the cold temperatures in the morning keeping me under the sheets and in bed longer in the morning - and me going to work earlier than anticipated (due to heavy workload at school) - I'm not getting to ride in the mornings during November outside of the 15-20 minute dog walks.  And by the time I come home from work at 6 or 6:30 - it's pitch black outside.  Sure, I've got lights - but I hate coming home from work and strapping on lights to ride on pavement.  That's painful and not really a great riding experience.  So, I invoked the "it's time for the basement gym" this week to get the off-season up and going.  I will still ride outside on weekends and holidays, but it's the gym or nothing at this time of year if I want to get some hours in during the week.   Hunting season will keep me at bay and out of gun shot range as well this year - and in the basement when it is dark.


I hit the weights today and did 45 minutes on the C7i trainer at a pretty good intensity to get a nice workout.  It was needed after I snarfed a tub of Ben & Jerry's last night while watching In Darkness.  Great movie, by the way.  The stories of heroism during the Holocaust and WWII continue to amaze me.  This one, in particular, is about one man's heroism of hiding Jews in the sewer for 14 months in a Polish town until the Nazi's were gone due to the Russians pushing back the front line.  I was spell bound and ate through the entire pint of ice cream before I even knew it.

So, I cut way back on calorie intake today and hit the bike, then the weights in the gym.


The exercise bike was freshly tuned and had a service maintenance this summer to get ready for the fall and winter basement riding.  The ceiling fans, big screen television with hundreds of channels all make it very comfortable.  Not to mention, the computer keeps me on task with wattage, heart rate, caloric burn, etc... .

The weather looks good for the weekend and during next week's Thanksgiving break - so I will get plenty of outdoor miles in in the next 10 days.  The semester break starts the 2nd week of December at which point I'll have a few weeks to ride outside during the day as well before utilizing the basement again.  I've already got my "snow tires" on one bike if we actually get enough snow to worry about this year. 

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