Weekend Work...

Selling a Used Car

I made the decision to take the Mercury Villager to a car detailing shop yesterday to have the interior thoroughly cleaned and the exterior buffed so it is in great shape for selling.  They claimed all the stains in the carpet will come up easily, and that the exterior paint will look really good because it is in such nice condition as it is.  We decided not to steam clean the engine as the recommendation was that a car with such an older age, the steaming process could actually cause damage to the electronics.   So they will just power air clean the engine instead.  

It will take about a week due to their busy business and inventory, as well as the need to shampoo the carpet twice with 2 days drying time between.   Once cleaned, I will shoot plenty of detailed pictures so I can advertise it in the Des Moines Register and some online car selling websites.  I will also print out the detailed Edmunds and KBB, etc... suggested price range for the 1998 LS model for our zip code, mileage, condition and features of the car.  Add some "For Sale" signs to the windows to turn it into a driving advertisement and I will drive it around instead of my Element to drum up some prospective buyers.

Physically Worn Out from a Desk Job!

That's right.  I am exhausted!!!  Cross-eyed, stiff necked, and totally worn out from staring at the computer screen for the past 48 hours....

I've been diligently working for several days on the NATS singing competition being held at Simpson next weekend.  The complex schedule for the singers and accompanists is finished and I will finish double checking it today.  I keep finding errors (some made by me, some by improperly filled out registration forms), but the double-checking process is catching everything.  

I was able to find an online site that has free software to alter Adobe .pdf files.  So I modified the Simpson College Campus Map to point out the locations of the contest, parking and food options.   I also modified the Simpson College Guest Parking Pass so nobody has to write anything in the description area.

Today's duties include assigning the judges to the centers they will be judging in all sessions.  That's not an easy task to do either, as a judge cannot be in a center where they have entered a student.  My plan, hopefully, is to email the entire "kit" to all of the teachers on Sunday (Monday at the latest).  The earlier the better so if any glaring errors are found, there is time to rectify them.

End of the Season Bike Racing Comes to a Close

I had planned on racing today in Steelville, MO in the Berryman Trail Epic 56 mile mountain bike race.  However, due to the NATS project as well as the cold weather (I would have been camping) - I pulled the plug on that Thursday as I clearly saw it just wasn't in the cards for this year.   I didn't have the gear to be camping in below 30 degree weather.  All the expense of getting a warmer bag, some sort of heating device, the cost of gas/food, there and back just trumped going. 

As a result, I may do a cyclocross race tomorrow morning in Des Moines (Spooky Cross) at the Living History Farms.  It's a 30 minute race at 10 am and would be a good way to kick off the day to get the metabolism fired up with an all out effort.   Due to my schedule, it's about the final event of the season I would be able to attend before morphing over into simply fun fall and winter riding (which this week sort of turned into as it is).

Now, back to work on the NATS goodies all day....

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