It's RACE WEEKEND for The Mullet!!!!

It has finally arrived.  Race weekend for IMBCS #10:  The Mullet Fall Classic that is.

All of the planning, delegating of tasks, organization, trail work, PR, social networking posts, shopping for supplies, ordering awards, getting cash for the top finishers, etc... have come to fruition.

141 have pre-registered online (compared to 123 last year).  We need 14 walk-in day of race registered racers to meet the record turnout of 155 last year.  I am really hoping we actually top that number and break 160.   Who knows?  We had 32 day of race registrations last year.  I know at least a few were planning on racing that did not sign up online, so we shall see...

The weather is classic fall weather for the weekend.  Dry and cool.  Tomorrow's forecast looks grand for a mountain bike race....

Sunday, October 7th

We've got 111 of the 141 pre-registered racers plugged into the timing system as of this morning.  All 141 will be plugged in it by this evening.  For the curious, here is the list.  The accounting for this year is here and being updated as I get the receipts.

I picked up the CITA trailer in Des Moines and pulled it to Indianola yesterday.  Today I pick up the generator, food warmers, final supplies, water and load it all up in the trailer, mini-van and cars.  Plenty of trail marking to do today and one more hole to fill out there on the race course.  I have 14-16 volunteers lined up with duties assigned.  I need to email all of them to confirm and tell them what time they need to be there.

It's amazing I was able to sleep at all this week getting everything organized, but I did manage to get 5-6 hours a night.


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