Fall Weather headed our way...

Wednesday night and into Thursday, the weather forecast is for a cool weather system to move into our area (currently it is in British Columbia and headed this way). That will see Wednesday's gorgeous 80 degree temperatures with sunshine dip down to the low 60's with rain on Thursday. Then the dry cool air of the system moves in after the edge of the cool front and will see high temperatures setting into the 50's for the weekend. At least that's the forecast at this point. Plenty of statistics on the validity of anything beyond a 3 day forecast being suspect found here.

Here is Accuweather's look at the weekend, which I will update daily to see how accurate they were with their forecast.

Mullet Weekend Weather Extended Forecast

Hmmmm....fall weather arriving just in time for this year's Fall Classic!!!

Yes, it will certainly be cooler than in the past. Arm warmers, pre-ride warm up clothes, post-race warm clothes (jackets, sweats, etc...) will take care of it all as the sunshine will keep us warm along with the chili, burgers, brats, and party.

What about weather in the 4 previous Mullets?

2011 - Pleasant October Indian Summer weather of 82 degrees and sunshine

2010 - Following soaking monsoon rains all week, pleasant weather of 81 degrees and sunshine

2009 - August version of the race, very humid and 86 degrees with sunshine

2008 - August version for year one, 83 degrees with sunshine

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