Betsy is up for sale!

Our 1998 Mercury Villager LS van is going on the sale block now that Tara's new Insight resulted in her passing her Mercury Mariner to Alexa. 

All cleaned up and ready for sale...


Selling a used car involves a bit of legwork and self-promotion of the vehicle, word of mouth, advertising, etc... - so that all is underway this weekend.  I've got the printouts from Edmunds and KBB for our zip code and the cars mileage, condition, and features available for prospective buyers along with all of the maintenance records.  I'll make signs for the windows today so when I drive it around it is a rolling advertisement.  We'll run an ad in the Des Moines register and Craigslist as step one before moving to a wider audience in step two.


It's only been in one iddy-biddy minor rear bump at a red light fender bender which resulted in the rear plastic bumper having to be repainted.  Alexa or Zack scraped it again on the rear right against something, but it's just a cosmetic paint rub.  Not in bad shape for a car with 214K on it.


After a busy mid-term week at Simpson, this weekend is full.  I have a ton of work to do on scheduling the upcoming NATS competition being held at Simpson, my first ever cyclocross race tonight at the Oakley NIGHTCAP in Des Moines, a lengthy training ride tomorrow to prep for the Berryman Trail Epic that I am racing next Saturday, a Simpson Choir concert Sunday afternoon and preparing two lesson plans/lectures for the coming week.  Why I am laying in bed at 8:47 Saturday morning with everything I have to do is the question of the morning....

Time to get up and get at it all!!

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