Fall is HERE & Weekend Trail Work!

Saturday is the official first day of fall as the fall equinox arrives at 9:49 a.m. Saturday morning. And Saturday evening has a freeze warning for the western and northern sections of Iowa. How fitting to usher in fall.

My to do list for Saturday/Sunday trail work at Lake Ahquabi includes:

•Attacking 2 culvert areas that have sunk due to erosion on the race course by filling them with dirt/gravel, etc...

•Weed whacking (or swinging the death scythe) on the hilly section to improve sight lines

•Hanging more pink ribbon to mark the course

•Neon green marking spray to point direction on the ground at key transition areas

•Removing a fallen tree on the northeast Mickey Mouse ear section that is hanging/dangling precariously over the trial

That should all take me a 2 - 3+ hours, if not more.

Other to do items for the race this weekend include:

•Purchase more orange marking cones

•Start filling out the rider forms and assigning numbers to those who have already registered online.

Other than that, dress rehearsal is from 1-5 on Sunday for Yom Kippur. I wanted to race in Minnesota this weekend and bext, but when I was hired for the singing job I didn't know we had the dress rehearsal this Sunday. Rats!!! I'll have to miss the race.

50th birthday party in Des Moines tonight for a friend (my 51st birthday was yesterday).

Outside of that, I'm pretty drained from the week and look forward to recharging my batteries this weekend.

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