The Mullet Fall Classic...

Things are coming together nicely for the 5th running of The Mullet Fall Classic!

Forest at Ahquabi

In addition to Facebook, The Mullet Blog, and the IMBCS site - I got the event listed at BikeIowa.com tonight.

Here's the link:



Plans are underway for a potluck post-race, season ending IMBCS party with a beer garden, high tech timing, and perhaps even a kids race. Portable toilets have been ordered. Insurance has been ordered and paid for already. The DNR has approved the event. The course is groomed, partially marked with pink ribbon and ready to go. Number plates have arrived. The custom medals for the top 3 spots in each division were ordered and paid for last week. People have been registering online here.

Tomorrow night is a couple of laps pre-ride for anyone interested to learn the course and get out there to try it. That will begin at 6:15.

There are still plenty of things on the checklist to attend to, but I'm working on it. I"m trying to organize the entire volunteer crew for timing, registration, course marshals, set up, and clean up. I've got the awards ceremony swag to get organized, the prize money to line up and get in the proper envelopes, the waivers to print out and folders to start organizing for all of the categories. I need to make a food and supply shopping list, order some more orange cones and who knows what else? But I'm working on it a little bit each and every day.

I got back on the bike this weekend out at Lake Ahquabi and did some laps Saturday and Sunday while camping out with the dogs and Tara. My allergies went totally bonkers as I was doing trail work with a scythe and stirring up all kinds of pollen. I sneezed a few hundred times this weekend. This gal can relate...


To continue with training and getting the legs worked, I did a 90 minute training ride today before work. The legs are feeling strong considering how torn down they got in the Five-0. I'll be racing this weekend at Sugarbottom in the IMBCS #9. It's a rescheduled event from August due to a rain out and the forecast looks to be good for a go this weekend. That means I need to get the bike cleaned up and ready to ride.

I have a final dress rehearsal this week for Rosh Hashanah with services Monday morning. It's fun music and I am happy to have been hired to sing such great stuff.

Okay, enough of this meandering post...

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