Preparation for The Mullet....

I spent about 5 hours on Saturday doing trail work and hit all of the items on my checklist. Culverts were filled. 5 trees had to go (broke my saw on the 5th one). Scythe was swung to clear weeds. I saw Evie Johnson and Cheryl Dralle out there with a group doing laps. I begged them for some snacks after my 5 hours of trail work had drained my energy. After a couple of Perpetuem tablets, a candy bar and a gel - I was energized enough to ride a lap with Evie to check out the work I had just completed. I went home after that to shower and eat feeling pretty spent.

I went out again on Sunday morning to accomplish the green marking chalk and pink ribbon, but saw that some of the ribbon I had already hung was being removed. Perhaps by hikers or who knows? Rather than waste the time hanging more ribbon and having to do it again race weekend, I decided to just wait. So I marked the ground with the neon green paint for the open meadow connector sections. I did a lap to see how things were looking. It's all in great shape, but I did see one smaller sapling leaning at a pretty abrupt angle that may need removal if it sags any more.

I will go out this morning before work and get a pair of laps in to check everything at or near race pace. That is always the telling way to know if a few more ticklers need to be trimmed or sight lines opened up a bit.

Online registrations are up to about 45 or so as of this morning, so I will get packet one organized for the first 50 racers (assigning numbers, printing out their waiver and registration information).

The potluck organization spreadsheet is up and running. Award medals have arrived. Porta-potties are ordered. I am getting the timing company's contract today. I need to make a motel reservation for them and reserve a small U-Haul so I can haul everything I need to haul on race day. I still need to get to a few Wal-Marts and get their stock of orange soccer cones.

On top of that, I've got all of the NATS information to send out today to the voice teachers in Iowa for the November 2-3 auditions we are holding at Simpson this year. Busy, busy, busy.

And tomorrow is Yom Kippur at the Synagogue where I will be singing at 4 services throughout the day. Incredible music and a joy to sing with this group of musicians. The R'tzei Adonai Eloheinu is my big solo for tomorrow and will be at the 8:30 am and 12:30 services. Vocally, it is as challenging as any baritone aria from opera due to it being so high and working the upper extension of my voice. Luckily, in about August, the neck muscles and pain from my April bike wreck were all healed enough that I am back and in better shape than I have been in a long, long time in terms of singing. Tara can't believe how well I'm singing and is begging me to get back on the opera stage full time. Hmmmm.....

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