Oh sleep, why dost thou leave me.....?

One of those restless nights caused by a confluence of events...

•hard effort training ride in the heat

•grilled food for dinner

•plenty of wine shared with friends at dinner

•Olympic Excitement!

•full moon

•son up late at night turning the bathroom light off and on trying to find something to clear his plugged up nose

Add them all together, and I can't say I got my much coveted 7-8 straight hours of sleep.

Oh well, the meal was good....(spatchcocked bird with the mustard marinade)

Spatchcock Chicken

The wine was good....


And then it became great...


And then there was ice cream and fresh fruit to top it all off for the evening. A nice meal and visit shared with John and Judy Pauley. And it even ended with a brief discussion about the evilness of Adolph Eichmann and the offer to share a paper written for a journal that John wrote.

On tap in the training program was a hard effort mountain bike ride. As I mentioned in the previous post, I was feeling beat up. That feeling continued yesterday with post weight lifting stiffness, a nasty saddle sore, a corn on my toe bothering me and temperatures in the mid 90's. I spent the morning cleaning the house and fixing a couple of things. Then I hauled an old desk to the dump and deposited some checks at the bank. I pretty much had to force myself to get in the bike kit, load up the bike and head out to Lake Ahquabi. I really thought about bagging the ride and taking the day off, but I muddled on through the prescribed session figuring I could take Thursday's Zone 2 ride off which would not be as missed as the hard effort.

I brought the 28 pounds of goodness RIP 9 with the big Nobby Nics to Ahquabi for the ride...


I headed north along the lake to warm-up a bit and with the heat and my stiff muscles - I felt awful. After a bit of warm-up, I headed out in the clockwise direction for a lap. I began slowly and every climb seemed like a Herculean effort as I stayed seated on the bike and ground out the climbs. I got to the loose gravel steep climb on the southwest side of the lake, dropped the chain to the 23T granny and ground up the climb fighting the front wheel at such a slow climb on that grade of an ascent. I made it to the top and realized that I felt pretty good now and moved the chain to the big ring. Not bad, I thought. Maybe I won't have to bag this ride at all and started increasing my speed and effort. On the JET and Dos, I get out of saddle a lot and hammer away. I stayed firmly seated on the RIP and pumped out the effort with the big ring around the entire course only standing on one short connector 20 foot section.

As I finished lap one, I stopped in the shade and drank some water. There was a slight breeze and it was not as humid out as the previous day, so I felt pretty good. That was a big surprise and off I headed for a 2nd lap (my hot lap at 85% to full out effort). I was surprised how easily I was able to keep the high wattage effort going on the RIP. The big Nobby Nic 2.35's are stellar on the Lake Ahquabi course. During lap 2, without ever going so hard that I couldn't recover in a normal manner, I was able to match my training lap time of the JET 9. Hmmmm.....not bad. This is the bike I want to use for the Dakota Five-0 as it is the only bike I have with a granny ring which I know I might need out in the Black Hills during the 5-6 hour race.

Today was sort of a breakthrough training day for me considering I felt like garbage going into it. I've read about people experiencing the same thing before where they feel bad going into it, and come out on the other end with a great workout. I hadn't had one of those in a long time - so it felt good. I loaded up the bike and headed home.

The diet has been working well with weight loss finally taking place to the point I notice it visually, clothes fitting wise and on the bike - especially on the climbs. I could still utilize and benefit from shedding about 5 more pounds. So, my lunch was a low calorie salad filled with fresh goodies from our garden. I took a nice nap for about 30 minutes, then got showered and ready for the evening's dinner (which I took smaller portions than usual).

It's a tricky month's training plan to boost the endurance for the Dakota Five-0, complete a build phase, XC race on the weekends - and design and prepare a new course for this fall semester. That's why I was not happy with a disturbed night of sleep. I know my body is fighting with all of the physical stress and I don't want to get run down to the point of getting sick. That happened the first year I did the Dakota Five-0 which I want to avoid this time around for sure. So a nap is in order for this afternoon following my easier effort Zone 2 ride.

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