Barry Bonds slugs his weight down on the bike...

Why a post on baseball great Barry Bonds? Probably because I have always been fascinated with his baseball skills and career. Amazing hand-eye co-ordination and a joy to watch play the game. Both my son Zack and I have always been big fans.

What about Barry and cycling?

The historical slugger Barry Bonds has been cycling his way to a new physique the past few years since retiring from baseball. I certainly remember enjoying watching him play the game - especially on our trips to San Francisco where I took Zack to see numerous games over the years. His physique during the late 90's and into the 2000's had his girth at the waist too much on the "that's a bit more weight than you need to be carrying" look. So it is good to see he has been busting the gut so to speak.

Somebody posted a recent image of the 6'2" former lefty slugger on his bike at the top of a pass in Colorado. Good for Barry to pedal off the excess weight! We all know how a diet combined with cycling can trim the body down. I, myself, went from 212 down to 177 using the bike as my weight loss source.

Barry on his bike...



Getting trimmer and fitter...

EXCLUSIVE: Barry Bonds Out For A Morning Bike Ride

I can imagine those powerful legs of his that could turn so quickly on the ball to create tremendous bat speed come in handy at keeping the wattage high on the bike.

And the most recent photo (if it is legitimate) appears he is even trimmer than the photos above and getting the power to weight ratio dialed in for climbing mountains...


Speaking of training on the bike, this has been a build week for me with 8 hours in the bag so far with a scheduled training ride today and a recovery ride on Saturday. Thankfully, the heat simmered down 10 degrees yesterday to only a high of 95 and today should simmer down another 10 degrees to 85. That will be well received by me, for sure.

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