Tara's iMovie....

It's sort of a work in progress, but when finished - we'll upload the entire thing. She's having fun trying to figure it all out.

I just finished a difficult 3 day block training session of heat adaptation at intensity. I used the Lake Ahquabi race course and tapered my length each day while maintaining the same intensity. I basically did 3 laps the first day, 2 laps the second day, and 1 lap yesterday. Day 2 was the hottest with 100 degree temps and 111 Heat Index, yet I felt pretty good. Yesterday was about 94 degrees with a 106 Heat Index and by the end of the lap - I felt cooked. It was my first 3 day block phase of the season and is designed to cause a training effect as I work towards my next peak. So the training worked with that 3 day block where I was able to maintain my intensity and just shortened the volume each day and ended up the phase pretty cooked. Today is a recovery day, then tomorrow I will prime the pump in the legs a bit for Sunday's race (should be low to mid 90's on Sunday).

Make no mistake about it, the warm temperatures alter things for me and I will have to account for that as summer is here to stay. I am planning on doing a race in California a week from Saturday which will be a welcome respite from the heat as Salinas, CA is averaging in the low 70's for highs of the day.

On tap for tonight is a 2nd go at making Anne Burrell's tangy grilled chicken. YUM!

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