Summer Orientation....

Being challenged by technology, I am waiting on my wife to download video and pictures from her phone that she took during this past Sunday's race at Mt. Kato, Manysoda so I can do Part 2 of the weekend race report.

In the meantime, summer orientation at Simpson begins tomorrow for the incoming freshmen students. I have a training session today as a SC 101 instructor who will be teaching one of the incoming freshmen courses this fall (The Holocaust: Hate, Guilt, Reconciliation). Between now and next Tuesday, I will meet all of the students in that class, advise each of them, get them registered for their fall courses, meet with their parents and be able to put faces with names for this class. The class is really an introduction to college level academics, writing, and critical thinking with the content almost being secondary - or at the very least simply a facilitator to achieve the stated goals. I have a lot of preparation to do for this class and have begun that process this week.

I did a 90 minute recovery ride on Monday taking care to keep things in Zone 1. Tara and I went for a 3 1/2 hour road ride yesterday which was a low stress, high volume ride for me. The weather was beautiful and it was nice to burn some calories while enjoying the scenery and weather. The road bike is a pleasure to ride these days during the week between the pounding I get on the weekends riding in the dirt.

Tonight is the Quarter Rage TT at Banner Pits which should be a good indicator of the upcoming IMBCS XC race there on June 23rd. I am anxious to see the trail now that the workday this past Sunday has it all trimmed and ready to go. The poison ivy there was out of control and my arms are still recovering from my encounter with it the previous week before things got trimmed (and while I trimmed one section of the trail). I'm not sure my legs are ready to grind out my best effort tonight, but I'll have fun giving a race tempo lap at Banner. All of those short power climbs really add up to peg the heart rate and test the muscular endurance.

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