1st Day of Summer is here!!!

Welcome to the 1st day of summer. Summer Solstice is today, June 20th! It's the official day summer starts when the sun is as far north as it is going to get in our hemisphere. It's also known as "the tropic of cancer". Now that summer is here, the weather promises not to disappoint. It should hit 91 today, be nice and humid before some possible rain hits.

The weighty issue...

After ignoring the best upgrade I can do for myself this season in terms of bike riding, I have reached the point where I can no longer ignore it. That is my body weight. The typical range for me to ride my best XC racing is between 2.1 and 2.4 pounds per inch of my height. That translates to a range between 158.5 - 181.1. When I ran back in the 80's, my weight was always in the 155-162 range. Lean and mean (and skinny) for sure. That might be a lofty target to drop back down there, but who knows? It sure would improve my climbing exponentially provided I kept my muscle mass in the legs. But for now, let's suffice it to say that would involve a bit of a lifestyle change in terms of what I enjoy eating.

158.5 - 181.1 pounds? I have been on the upper edge of that fringe off and on between 177 - 182 in my "best" case scenarios in the past few years. Currently, we have no scale as the Wally World Digital died and got thrown out this spring. So I have been flying blindly on the weight issue. I realized I would actually use my daily weight reading from the scale to monitor my food intake each day. Without that daily morning monitor.....hmmmmm.

Well you can imagine... . I had no need of a scale to inform me of what I needed to know. The mirror. The way my clothes fit. The loss of climbing pep I have been experiencing during a race. It all added up to what I could no longer ignore. The purchase of a new scale will quickly inform me "I am out of the range" of where I need to be for my best cycling. I will purchase one today. I announced to Tara on Sunday that I was going to be cutting weight and for those of you who live with a woman - you know what that means. The word "diet" comes up and the immediate retort from my wife that no way I was going to be doing it alone - she was going to join me, blah, blah, blah occurred right on cue. HA! Gotta love an excuse to "diet", right? So caloric intake has been whittled since Sunday, volume and intensity of exercise has increased, and the focus on the important food and nutrients has been targeted. Luckily, all the proper foods are already consumed - it's just the other stuff that is getting dropped.

I'm pretty fortunate that results show right away with me, but with my daily monitor (new scale) and careful selection of what I eat - I will be interested to see where in the "ideal weight range" I end up over the next few weeks. And I will report what the new scale says to see where I am at this moment in my quest to "upgrade" my power/weight ratio for cycling.

Skinny Summer - here I come!!!

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