Alexa had her 17th birthday on Wednesday. We treated her to a birthday dinner at Splash in Des Moines. She even ordered Escargot for an appetizer!!! We all had a great meal and it's rewarding to watch your children turn into adults.

A surprise party with some of her high school friends at home followed and Zack ran to the piano to play Happy Birthday as we all sang. The cake was made from scratch by our friend Chuck Tighe, and Tara made the frosting and red velvet cake balls to top it off. It was a knockout cake!!

Tara slicing the deliciousness...


The girls enjoying tossing me a fake "don't take a picture Dad face" before eating the cake...


Alexa wanted tickets to see Billy Elliot for her birthday, so that's what she got. She went last night and really enjoyed it. Today, we need to go and get a new Driver's License to move beyond the probationary one she now has. Insurance rates dropped for her now that she is 17 - and that puts a smile on my face. ;-]

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