Working 9 to 9...

May Term has been energy draining to say the least. It's opera boot camp at its finest with the daily schedule being 9 - 9 for the faculty and students. We took last Saturday off and will take Mother's Day off - that's it for the 3 week May Term. Today is our work call to get the backstage organized, prop tables set, scenery and furniture organized, and crews assigned for each scene. Then we rehearse until 9 pm tonight. The performances are scheduled for next Wednesday and Thursday evenings. The plan is for all 34 scenes to be performed, but we have miles to go in many of them before next week.

Tara and Alexa had a beautiful Bat Mitzah service (2 1/2 hours long) last Saturday at the Temple in Des Moines. I am extremely proud of both of them on their decision to return to their heritage and faith. I managed to learn the Hebrew well enough to sing two songs at the service. We had relatives and guests from both coasts in attendance. And the dinner party/dance at night was fun for all. (Pictures to come as soon as they arrive)

My shoulder and neck still hurts, but have bounced back enough that I'm on the bike again and was able to ride some technical singletrack twice this week. That's pushing it to be out there doing that on an injury that really needs 5-6 weeks to heal. If I fell again right now I would be in deep pain. It's only been 3 weeks, but I don't want to lose my fitness. I managed to squeeze in a little bit of riding between rehearsals to keep in shape. Not much time due to the opera workshop class which ends next Friday.

Speaking of biking and my crash, I was going over my JET 9 race bike last weekend to see if there was any damage. The first thing I found was that the front disc brake rotor got really bent. I think the front wheel (carbon rim) flexed so much in the endo, the rotor bent, but the strength of the carbon rim kept it from breaking. A metal rim probably would have been a taco, but I will inspect the carbon rim a little closer to see if it is okay. I have been thinking of racing next weekend, but it all depends on the shoulder which seems aggravated from stage combat, fencing, staging rehearsals, moving scenery, and the two singletrack rides I tested it on this week.

Our home phone is working again after Mediacom finally figured out what was wrong. We never lost internet or cable, but the phone system went out weeks ago.

Time to make the Saturday morning coffee...

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