Opera Workshop Scenes #2

The 2nd installment of opera scenes went off without a hitch on Thursday evening. It was about 30 minutes shorter than Wednesday night's performances as we worked to tighten up the scene change times at the afternoon tech rehearsal.

We began the evening by doing all of Act I of La Traviata (sans Violetta's aria), did a big scene from Manon, and had lots of interesting scenes scattered throughout the evening. Once again, the students had the opportunity to display all of the hard work they had been doing for 3 weeks on their foreign language text, the ability to act and sing in a non-native language, choreography, posture, stage movement, characterization, etc... .

Friday morning we "administered" the final exam, filled out course evaluations and then did a massive clean up of Lekberg's backstage area. The Dean had provided the music department with a storage garage over on Clinton, so we hauled pretty much the entire backstage over to the new storage garage to free up backstage space. Things that had been collecting backstage for decades were gone over and decisions were made by the faculty what to dispose of and what to keep. Kudos to all of the students for their hard work on Friday as the results were fantastic. We finished up the workshop with Jimmy John's party platters and a toast to all of the upperclassmen as well as Amy Lim who will be returning to Toronto. I still have to tally the grades and submit them by Wednesday, but need a day or two to stare at the wall and regroup my energy.

All in all, it was a very successful May Term and the tradition continues at Simpson. We have plans to further enhance the opportunities and learning for the opera students in the future.

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