Opera Workshop Scenes #1

Last night's 4 1/2 hour scenes program went rather smoothly after all of the hard work by staff and students the past 3 weeks. In our effort to "trim it down" and perhaps focus more on quality over quantity - we slipped back into the quantity side of the equation ending up with 45 scenes in total.

It's a real baptism by fire for the underclassmen (and upperclassmen as well) to be assigned, learn, rehearse and perform chunks of opera in a 3 week time frame. We as faculty get to see who sinks and who swims in such an environment. As their skills develop during the workshop, we can gauge what to program for operas in the coming year or two based on our given talent pool. A few very capable performers are starting to emerge which gives us an idea of what we can and cannot do next year.

This afternoon is the tech rehearsal for tonight's scene program and hopefully it goes as well as yesterday did.

I have it on my schedule to sleep next Wednesday after the two day faculty meeting and workshop sessions. ;-)

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