Camping and Mountain Biking?!!!?

I mentioned in my previous blog post that I would be taking Tuesday off the bike following the 8+ hours I did on the bike over Memorial Day Weekend. I must admit, the rest day felt good! I pretty much had a do nothing sort of day outside of running some errands. Oh, and I certainly enjoyed plenty of eating on my day off. We also attended the girl's soccer playoffs that Alexa was in last night.

By the way, Indianola lost in round one of the playoffs 3-1 so is finished for the season. Alexa played very well and actually scored what everyone in the stands thought was a goal (the keeper stopped it way behind the line), but the officials saw it differently. Oh well...

I did "walk" the mall on my off day and had a very pleasant experience with customer service at Scheels while there. My Oakley sunglasses that I bought years ago at Scheels broke as a result of my face plant at the Tranquility race in Omaha 5 weeks ago. I took them into Scheels to see if it was just the lens that was broken, or worse. "James" at Scheels took my glasses and determined it was just the lens and an $80 replacement was all I needed. While trying to install the replacement lens, James snapped off the nose section. He was able to get it snapped back together, but the nose bridge piece would not stay there every time he tried to install the new lens. After a call to his manager, it was decided they would just give me an entire new pair and send my old ones back to Oakley as a defect.

Wow! Just wow! I now have a brand spanking new pair of Radar's by Oakley and am one happy Scheels and Oakley customer. Way to go James!

I took advantage of the cooler temperatures today and mowed the lawn knowing that rain was coming tonight and tomorrow. My legs felt very energetic and I decided to head out for some intervals on the road and also hammer out some hill grunt power climbs to work on my top end.

The weapon of choice...


I put in 70 minutes on the Allez hammering with intervals, and climbs. I got back to the house and decided to set up the tent to make sure I could do it in 10 minutes or less as I get ready for this weekend's trip to Norfolk and Mankato (mountain bike races). Tara and I will be harboring in this little critter out on the prairie Friday night and somewhere in ManySoda on Saturday night....


I love to camp, but Tara is not a camping fan. She, however, suggested we camp on this weekend's trip. So be it and I am not to blame if she has any complaints. We will pack Friday morning and head out after lunch.

After messing with the tent, I went into work to teach 4 lessons before calling it a day. The forecast is calling for a high of 51 tomorrow which is more than a stone's throw away from the 90 we had this weekend.

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