First Day of Summer Break!

Thursday was my first official day of summer break. Wednesday had me doing final grading and cleaning up my office. I got the grades turned in by 5:30 pm and called it a day.

Yesterday for my first day of summer break, I started the day by mowing for 3 hours at Banner Pits on the singletrack. Weeds had grown so tall, my lawn Toro was not the best tool for the job, but I made several passes going slowly and was able to chew through the 3 and 4 footers. My plan was to mow until my shoulder started to hurt - and that's what happened. Wrestling with the mower on the off-camber sections - especially on the high side of the trail where the mower kept wanting to flip over - tired my separated shoulder quickly.

In spite of that, I got the entrance mowed by the main parking lot, the connector section leading to NewEd Beach, some of the new connector section and opened up the first Beginner short-cut on the north side - and mowed all around the "rock" near the target shooting range. Either a weed whacker, or the Brush Hawg will be needed to venture all the way through the north side to get the ground cover on the edges of the singletrack that is growing. Hopefully, enough volunteers will get out there and put in some hours - either solo or as a group - to keep the jungle in check. My shoulder isn't sturdy enough to handle the weed whacker. I can make it around my house with it, but that's only 15 minutes of work. I managed to mow our own lawn and clean the garage as well to start my summer break off on the right foot. I also loaded up with a major grocery run and grilled steaks for dinner after the 30 minute monsoon blew through at 4:15 pm.

The weeds are getting tall at Banner...

Banner Pits

I did tweak my shoulder on Wednesday/Thursday fighting with the mower and riding the bike. I aggravated it enough that it hurts to get in and out of a shirt again. So a small set back in my recovery. The neck is going to take a lot longer than I imagined. I'm able to live with it at the moment, but the pain and soreness is always present which effects my posture, ability to turn to the right and left, etc... . It hurts to sneeze, cough, swallow still - but is miles better than it was 4 weeks ago. I feel like it is about 1/3rd back to it's normal state of function even with my rehab of it to this point.

Here's to a summer of neck pain....

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