Turned the corner....

Today was a step forward in my healing process. Suddenly, out of nowhere and without doing anything special, the strength in my voice started to come back, my neck feels better and my shoulder is gaining strength. Not bad for day 9 since the crash. I've been using the heating pad on the neck, shoulder and thigh and it is starting to provide some return on the investment.

Sunbeam Healing Pad

It's funny, I can lift a 50 pound box with my right arm, but the simple act of sticking a thumbtack in the bulletin board at school hurts like you wouldn't believe!!!!

I had a rehearsal at the Temple this evening for Tara and Alexa's Bat Mitzvah and was surprised to be able to sing nearly 100% normal again. I was able to stand up with better posture and the pain/pressure on the rib cage and shoulder was minimal compared to last week. So that is progress and will hopefully be even better come this weekend for the performance.

May Term Opera Workshop began today and I coached the trio from Rosenkavalier, Abduction quartet, and the Don Pasquale duet with Norina and Malatesta. The rest of the time I finished getting the music we had yet to copy (Utopia Limited, Freisch├╝tz, and a few pages that were missing from a Carmen scene). This week we are focusing on music preparation, translation, meaning, language nuance, diction and IPA. A lot of the students feel overwhelmed with how much music they have to learn so quickly, but I just smile thinking "if they only knew how little they have to learn compared to a normal week on the job in the opera world..."

Busy week this week - so here's to continued physical improvement to help me get through the week.

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