Taxes are done!

I spent 3 hours at the H&R Block office on Monday afternoon filing my 2011 taxes. We get a refund from the state of Iowa and I owed a bit of Federal which I sent off yesterday. I discovered an error on Zack's W-2 from Subway. The final digit of his SS# was wrong which meant somebody else got his SS. I'll have to get that straightened out ASAP. It wasn't much, but hey - if all it takes is a form to fill out, why not?

P.S. Anyone trying to contact us, the land line phone has been knocked out for weeks. Mediacom is working on it. My email is dead ever since I spilled coffee on my laptop. I need to figure out my password so I can log in online via my work computer - so if I haven't responded, that's why. Cell #'s have been golden all along if trying to reach us.

I put the new carbon rim wheels on the Dos Niner Saturday morning and did a 65 minute grind interval "let's wake up the legs for Sunday's race" fest to test them out. Everybody on MTBR.com is stoked about these "cheap Chinese" carbon rims. The rims sell for about $350 a pair, so by the time you put a decent set of hubs, spokes and wheel build together - I hesitate to use the word "cheap". They are very similar to the Specialized Roval carbon wheels I have on the JET 9 and even after the sale price I got on those, the "cheap Chinese" rims combined with American Classic hubs, double butted black spokes, black alloy nipples and the wheel build cost were one of the most expensive sets of wheels I have ever purchased (they rank 2nd with Rovals #1 in price, these "cheap Chinese" wheels #2, and my I9 Enduro wheels #3).

I got the beefy All Mountain 30mm wide rims beefed up for larger riders. They weighed 1540g before tape/valves...


Mounted up on the Dos Niner (Can you say 'stiff Dos'?)...


Turn around and smile again...


I do like the stealth look and no stickers/advertising on the rims. They work well tubeless, and I made sure of that by using the Bontrager Rhythm strips for a super tight fit. Updated reports throughout the season to see if the performance provides longevity.

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