The road to recovery...

I was fortunate to get in first thing Monday morning to see my dentist - Al Boone who is also an avid mountain biker. He fixed the two broken teeth and had me out of his office by 11 am. So that was step one.

My neck and right shoulder area has gotten a bit better, but is still in a lot of pain. I am able to sleep on my back and the discomfort the past 36 hours has been somewhat tolerable without any pain medications. It meant that the past two nights had some interrupted sleep patterns and that leaves me tired during the day. I had hoped for a bit better bounce back in my neck, but realize the whiplash like symptoms will need more time to play out - as will the shoulder area.

I am scheduled to fly to Texas this evening to receive an alumni award on Thursday. It was planned that I sing at the event, but it is so difficult to swallow, breathe and sing due to the torn muscles in my neck and shoulder that I may have to bow out of the singing portion. Talk about bad timing on my part!!! I did try singing yesterday (had a rehearsal at the Temple for Tara and Alexa's Bat Mitzvah) and will try again today to see if there was any improvement in breath control and the neck pain. I had taken so many Advils on Saturday and Sunday that I got the dreaded dry mouth/cotton mouth that Advil creates and have been busy trying to hydrate to get my mouth lubricated again.

Getting in and out of bed is the most difficult thing to do and I am getting pretty good at using my left hand to do a lot of the normal things my right hand would usually do such as opening doors, combing hair, shaving, eating, etc... .

I am happy that this afternoon will mark the 72 hour point beyond the fall and the first 72 hours is always the most difficult time in terms of stiffness and pain. Here's to moving beyond this portion of the recovery....

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