Plot your garden...

How does one get something to look like this?


Well you have to start in the springtime by digging the dirt, adding manure and organic vegetable garden soil, mixing it all together to prepare the earth for the planting.

I had Monday off (Easter Monday holiday at Simpson College), so I rented a tiller and had at the garden plot last night...


I look like a wild man without having shaved all weekend trying to tame this "Merry Tiller"....

Round and Round I Go

Finally got the ground chopped enough to add 20 bags of manure. 40 pounds per bag, so I lifted 800 pounds three times - once to load them in the Element, once to unload them and carry them to the backyard, and the final time from the ground into the garden. Yes, I was stiff today!!!

Final result looks like this:

Plot is Finished

The 2 green plants in there that I left are our Oregano which started growing early.

One has to celebrate after all the hard work, so it was time to spatchcock a chicken on the Big Green Egg and bake some of nature's steroids - asparagus!

Spatchcock Chicken


Yummy. It's going to freeze tonight, so we had to bring all of our potted plants in the house for the night (more lifting and moving things around). I need a rest day!!

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