New wheels...

I couldn't contain my curiosity. Maybe it's like the urge one has to stick one's finger(s) in an electrical outlet just to see what would happen. Or the urge to touch a hot frying pan on the stove with your bare hand to see if it is really hot. Or maybe it's just sheer madness, but I like my Roval carbon wheels so much an opportunity presented itself for me to acquire a pair of the "cheap Chinese carbon AM rims" that many have posted about on MTBR.com. I was skeptical/critical about the rims and I think my curiosity got the better part of me.

I had my pair laced up today at Rassy's to an older set of American Classic hubs using black spokes and black nipples. The wheels weigh 1540g (compared to my Rovals which w 1530g).

Here they are:

AM Chinese Carbon Wheels

I will use the Bontrager Rhythm strips and vavles to run them tubeless and set them up on the Dos Niner or RIP 9.

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