The old question - which bike to race?

Reviewing my reports from the 2 races at Swanson in Bellevue from last year, I see that I enjoyed having full suspension both at the April race and again later in the season. I've raced my Dos Niner there in previous years as well, so since all three bikes are ready to go - Dos Niner, JET 9 and RIP 9, which one to take?

The Dos is snappy on climbs and out of corners and is currently running pretty well (no squeaks, creaks or odd noises):

Dos Nics profile

Dos Nics Front

I did an awful lot of training on this bike throughout the winter, both on pavement and on dirt/gravel. The girth and volume of the Nobby Nic 2.35's give me plenty of cushion to sort of tame the shock of the hits - so I'm sure it would be fine in a short duration race.

The JET has been recently totally overhauled (fork, pedals, new cranks, new rings, swapped the White Industries BB to the shorter spindle RaceFace BB to narrow the Q factor 11mm and push the envelope of how close I can get those rings to the yoke/chainstay area):

JET ready to RACE for 2012

As can see, there was more than enough room for the chain with the longer spindle BB I was using with the 27/40 rings:

Clearance with 25/38 Rotor Q's

Dropping from the 121mm spindle to a 110mm spindle got my rings in nice and tight for perfect 2 x 9 shifting where I can cross chain and use all gears without any hassle or odd noises.

Worried about a bike with new bits on it that have not been tested to work any kinks out, I took the JET on a 110 minute shakedown ride this afternoon. It worked flawlessly, so it might get the nod if I want the cushion tomorrow.

Or take the burly trail bike? The RIP has the monster truck tires on it at the moment as well, but I could easily swap the Roval wheels to all three bikes - so that's not a dilemma.

Ah...decisions. I'll sleep on it and see what mood I am in tomorrow morning while packing up the gear.

Tonight brings this fun evening:

The Simpson College Chamber Singers and College Choir join forces with a festival orchestra, under the direction of Dr. Timothy A. McMillin, to present Ralph Vaughan Williams' masterwork, Dona Nobis Pacem and one of the most popular pieces of music ever written: Carl Orff's Carmina Burana.

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