From 67 degrees to 40 just like that...

As the post title says, the temperatures climbed to 67 this morning, so I hopped on the bike for my 2 hour zone 2/3 ride. The wind was howling and literally blew me to Carlisle. How strong was the wind? I was in my big chainring (42T) upfront and my 11T cog in the rear for the trip northward with the wind blowing me there. I pulled off at Banner Pits to do a loop on the singletrack as the wind had been blowing and dried things out even more than they were yesterday. It felt sweet to be riding dirt again! Then on to Carlisle out in the open prairie. Wow! Was the wind ever strong. I knew coming back south and uphill against the wind would be a helluva grind, but I was prepared to sit and spin it out.

I made the turn at Carlisle and headed back south to Indy. The wind was fierce, but I was determined to keep the chain on the big ring up front and spin it out. Then, like the snap of a finger, the temperature dropped so quickly I was suddenly very cold in my short sleeve jersey. It started to rain and I wondered how damaged my iPod and cellphone was going to get without any protection. I thought about spinning to Banner Pits and taking shelter in the bathroom while I called my son to come and pick me up. But that would be too soft, right? I spun south when suddenly, the rain stopped. The wind stopped. And I could make some forward progress at a good clip. The temperature was still cold, but with the wind dying down, I wasn't so cold. My spirits improved and my cadence was a nice top end zone 2 flying up the hill from Banner to Indianola. All in all, I arrived at home not tuckered out and the day's training balanced out in a very nice manner to achieve the ride's goal. I should have checked the weather and had another layer with me, but I just assumed the cold temps were coming in the evening. My bad. At least I got my volume in as base training winds down this week. The 1st XC race of the season for me is 25 days away, so after this week ends I will start to ramp up the intensity.

Tara, Alexa and I met with the food service/catering people at Simpson today to talk about the post double bat mitzvah celebration on Cinco de Mayo. We came up with an excellent menu, layout and plan for the event.

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