Final Day of Winter!

Well, who'd of thunk it? The final day of this warm winter hit 85 degrees here in Indianola.

I suppose that 85 degrees is a very fitting end to what has been a rather warm, excellent biking winter. Spring 2012 officially begins early in the morning while we are all asleep in our nests.

I began day 1 of my XC race training today following my November - middle of March Base Training and the 4 day rest week while visiting Colorado. The intervals and tempo work today felt good as day one was not too bad compared to what is coming up in the schedule. I felt strong at the end of the workout and had full energy all day at work. Both are very welcome! The first race is 2 weeks away and will obviously not be a "peak form" race, but I feel better now that the tide is turning to building for the XC racing.

I picked up all the goodies needed to rebuild a REBA XX and a FOX F29 out in Boulder at a very cool bike shop. They had over 100 29"ers on the display floor including all models from Salsa, Specialized and a few others. I really loved the carbon FSR Stumpjumper from Specialized. 26.x pounds for a size XL full suspension 130mm full suspension bike. They wanted $9000 for it. That will involve winning the Lotto for me, so no go on that sweet piece of bike. This bike is HAWT!

$9K Stumpjumper

Anyway, I will rebuild my forks in the next week or two depending on my work/training schedule. The REBA XX needs attention first.

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