Coffee woes...

I started my spring break off by dumping an entire cup of hot coffee on my Mac laptop. Toasted most of the contact points for the keyboard and the computer is history. I am currently using my Simpson laptop and probably just going to move all my data over to it and become a laptop commuter.

Coffee woes continue today...

Tara was washing the glass carafe last night from our coffee maker and it cracked in the sink. It was our backup carafe as the original had broken 2 weeks ago. So no coffee this morning. I'll be going to the store to get a couple more today (after a stop at Uncommon Grounds).

Spring Break Day 3 today and the sun is shining. I am hitting the to do list today and tomorrow to take advantage of the sunny weather and warm temperatures. Some repair work on the Mercury Villager van, some garage cleaning, some gardening, some messing around with bikes in the garage, and it's time to smoke some meat for my annual pastrami smoke.

My bike training weeks are Sunday to Saturday, so the first week of March just started for me yesterday (Sunday). The plan for this past week and this week was to notch up the base miles before moving into more serious intensity (although I've already been moving into intensity to create more training effect). Did I meet the goal of notching up the volume? Yup. 10:40 on the bike for last week! I can say that 10:40 on the bike last week followed by 2:15 on the bike yesterday drained my tank. I had to dig deep yesterday to complete the ride. I'll take today off the bike and work on my to do list while the legs find themselves and recover.

November Weeks (hours on the bike)

1 - 4:20
2 - 7:15*
3 - 3:30
4 - 2:00

December Weeks

1 - 3:20
2 - 5:10
3 - 4:00
4 - 8:15*

January Weeks

1 - 9:25*
2 - 6:25*
3 - 4:45
4 - 1:50

February Weeks

1 - 7:40*
2 - 3:40
3 - 7:10*
4 - 4:35
5 - 10:40*

March Weeks

1 - 11:50*

The asterisk * marks the weeks where I hit my volume goals of at least 6 hours on the bike. Although only hitting it 8 weeks in base training looks bad, it's a new record for me to get that much volume in during the off-season. A lot of that has to do with the weather and organizing my schedule as best I could.

I found this cool Bell helmet that looks like it would mate well with our new kits...


Looks like it would pair well with the kits...

jersey revision for team

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