Beautiful Boulder!!

Day 3 in Boulder is like day one and two were in terms of the weather - 75 to 78 degrees, sunny and beautiful. The food, people, views - it's all really stunning. Everyone is so nice and we have enjoyed this college visit.

We toured the Leeds School of Business yesterday at the end of our full day on campus with hundreds of other prospective students and parents. The day began at 8 am with our introduction meeting and then we divided up into groups to tour the campus. We sat in on a Physics lecture before reassembling to get more instructions on the rest of the day. We had a great Persian lunch in one of the dining facilities (had a choice of 12 different restaurants), saw a model (and clean) dorm room, and then divided up into a parent group and a student group for panel discussions with students and admissions. Finally, we toured individual schools within the university to learn more about their programs. Alexa is interested in marketing and P.R., so we headed over to the Leeds building for that tour...

Here is the business school building on the east side of campus...

Leeds School of Business

Another view on campus...

CU Campus

Overview of Boulder shot...


Number one asked question: "Why is it called CU if it is the University of Colorado?" Seems like the only answer everyone could provide was to avoid any conflict with the University of California (UC). Oh well, traditions always have an odd beginning...

Will Alexa become a Buff?


We shall see. The application process was explained to us with all of the stats. Early consideration status is due this December 1st for the fall of 2013. They had 20,000 applications this year for the 5000+ or so freshmen slots (total school is 25K undergrads and 5K grads). The majority come from Colorado, California, and Texas. However, every state is represented at CU in each freshman class. The 2011-12 freshmen class has 9 students from Iowa in their class.

We hit the Sink on Thursday night for dinner. Last night we ate on Pearl Street in the walking section at a place called Salt. Both were excellent meals. The facilities at UC Boulder (or CU as they call it) were impressive and Alexa feels really good about the campus, the people and the "vibe".

Today we will have breakfast on Pearl Street, do a little more shopping, drive around town a bit more and then head north to Ft. Collins for a bike ride or hike, have dinner with my cousin Joan and stay overnight.

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