80's this weekend!!!

Looks like it will be around 88 degrees on Sunday for the first Psycowpath XC race over in Bellevue. That's about what it was last year - perfect!

I took some time after work today to get the JET 9 up to date for the race season. Rassy's rebuilt my REBA XX which had some oil/air leak which needed repair as the fork was getting about 1" of travel. I dropped it off on Monday and picked it up Thursday after work.

The bike needed cleaning and while at it I put new rings and a chain on and made sure everything was in fine working order. I overhauled the Xpedo Ti/Ti pedals and installed a new pair of 180mm RaceFace Turbine cranks I had sitting in the parts bin that I picked up on eBay last year. They simply replace another pair of 180mm Turbines that are due for some cosmetic color reconditioning. Those were originally yellow and I stripped them down to silver, but never added a clear coat. So some oxidation has taken place to the metal and they are in need of some work. This time I will add a clear coat. With the White Industries 162g BB or Race Face Taperlock Ti 166g BB, the old style square taper Race Face Turbine cranks/BB/Ring combo are so dang light - it's nice for an XC race bike.

New Race Face Vintage Turbines and Rotor Q Rings

I thought about new disc brake pads, but it looks like I've still got some mileage left in the pair on the bike - so I'll wait on that.

I put new tires on for the race season and went with the highly touted and rated 'all-grounder' Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2.25's front and rear for the JET. They are not that much lighter than the 2.35's, but the 2.25's are big enough and have the same casing width as my worn out Ralphs. Plenty more grip - that's for sure - but they roll like the wind which makes for a nice fast tire that can be leaned over hard in corners.

JET profile 2012

I downsized from my Rotor Q rings 27/40 to the new 25/38's. The bike is ready to go.

JET ready to RACE for 2012

Yesterday was a rest day, and today will be an easy effort/recovery ride.

Three former students are meeting with me today. Annie Reser, home on spring break from the University of Oregon; Bethany Hickman, home on break from the University of Wisconsin; and lunch with Jesse Stock who is in town to sing the baritone solos in Orff's Carmina Burana this weekend at Simpson. It will be nice to catch up with all of them and hear them sing after all of that graduate schooling.

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