76 degrees and 2+ Hours outside including DIRT!!!

14 more days of "winter" and we hit 76 today. Not bad. Not bad at all.

The wind was strong enough yesterday and today to dry out the top surface of the land which meant I could hit some dirt at Banner Pits this afternoon. I got a full loop in at Banner even though I was the first to lay tracks over the deer track damage from the past month or so. It needs another day or two of winds and warm weather without freezing at night to make it dry and be even faster, but it was DIRT. And we all know how much fun it is to ride dirt...

The pastrami smoke was excellent. 8 hours on the Big Green Egg (2 tips and 2 flats), sauerkraut, home-made rye bread, dill pickles, succotash, chocolate cake, wine and friends made for a pleasant evening's meal.

I managed to get Alexa's mini-van fixed today (had a belt squeaking, a power steering line leaking, a burned out turn indicator light), tinkered with 2 of my bikes, cleaned the garage, did a 2:20 ride to Banner and back with a full loop at Banner, gave Zack a voice lesson, and cooked the evening's meal. Productive day indeed.

Tomorrow looks to be 65, but rain is coming. So we shall see what that does for training time on the bike...

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